Notice of Price Increase

Effective December 01, 2019

Dear Valued Customer :
Our service price will be increased as follows:

$60+GST for 30 mins Massage
$75+GST for 45 mins Massage
$90+GST for 60 mins Massage
$115+GST for 75 mins Massage
$135+GST for 90 mins Massage
$180+GST for 2 hours Massage

To compromise this increase, we are now offering:

A Package of 6 one hour massage sessions for

$535.50 = ($85 each + 5%GST) X6

(Prepaid in advance and billed to insurance at the time of the service rendered)

(Combination service is not included )

We have put this off for a long time, but due to the increasing operation
costs every year, as well as our service price being lower than the majority
of market price, we have decided to make the change now. We apologise
for any inconvenience this may cause!

Thank you in advance for your understanding!